Online typing speed test - is a free site for testing your typing speed. Here you can check how fast you are able to type and increase your speed and accuracy!
To start the test choose the text you want to type(you are able to load your own text), time and measure system (Words-Per-Minute or Characters-Per-Minute) and start touch typing. After you're done, you will see the result, program will show your average speed, maximum speed, accuracy and count mostakes you've made. Also you will see average time it took you to find each character.
Any time you can press "Pause" to make a break, when you are ready to continue - just start typing, pressing the "Continue" button isn't necessary. Also you are able to end the test any time you want to by pressing "End test now".
If spend a lot of time with your computer, you will be surprised how much time you spend on simply typing some text on forums, chats and so on. This makes your typing speed and typing accuracy so important! With Free typing speed tests online you can improve you typing speed online, without downloading any applications on your computer, test your typing speed and accuracy and learn blind typing.

Blind typing

Blind typing is always better! If you don't know where characters are on the keyboard, you always can see on the virtual keyboard. If you don't need this during your typing test, press "Hide keyboard". This way you will have more space for text that you type.

Mistakes during the typing test

The program notifies you each time you make a mistake. Try to make as less mistakes as possible during you typing test, speed is not as important as your accuracy.

Importance of typing speed and accuracy

Fast typing helps to save really a lot of time, blind typing - even more! Typing speed test helps you check your progress.

How to use Free typing speed test online

You can start with the start page. There you can choose the text you wanna type(also you can load it from your computer or copy from the internet), time you wanna spend on typing this text and the measurement system you wanna use to measure your typing speed. After you press "Start", you can get right to the typing.
During the typing you always can make a pause(by pressing "Pause", when you are ready to continue typing the text, it is not necessary to press "Continue", you can start typing right away). Also you are able to end the test at any moment(by pressing "End test now") and start a new typing test (by pressing "Start new typing test" for going to the start page, or by using the "new typing test" form on the right side of the page).
The typing speed test program always shows you during the typing:
- time left for typing;
- speed during the whole test;
- current speed for a few last seconds of typing
- number of mistakes you made during current test.
When one finishes one's typing speed test, one will be taken to the result page. There will be available:
- average speed during the whole typing speed test;
- maximum speed you've reached;
- your typing accuracy during the test;
- number of mistakes you've made during the typing test;
- average time it takes you to find each character on keyboard in miliseconds.

About the author

My name is Michael and I'm from Ukraine (that's why my English is a bit off, but still way better than your Ukrainian;)). If, for any reason, you want to contact me, my email is I generally made this program for myself to check my typing speed and to improve my blind typing(I probably will improve the program as well, so if you have any recommendations, feel free to tell me). But I'm happy to share it with you.

New test

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